The Slender Man

On June 8th, 2009, a “’paranormal pictures” photoshop contest was launched on the Something Awful Forums. The contest required participants to turn ordinary photographs into creepy-looking images through digital manipulation and then pass them on as authentic photographs on a number of paranormal forums. Something Awful users soon began sharing their faux-paranormal creations with layered images of ghosts and other anomalies, usually accompanied by a fabricated witness account to make them more convincing. On June 10th, SA user Victor Surge posted two black and white photographs of unnamed children with a short description of “Slender Man” as a mysterious creature who stalked children.


Among Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID and TribeTwelve are said to be the founding fathers of the Slenderverse, a collective of stories and Vlogs created by the everyday user that revolve around Slenderman. The three video series tend to be referred to as “The Big Three”. Other Vlogs and Blogs that exist and pertain to the mythos include MLAndersen, DarkHarvest, and CaughtNotSleeping.


Depending on the communities and vlogs/blogs, various nicknames and alternate names have been given to the creature or their interpretration of it:

* The Operator (Marble Hornets)
* Der Großmann (TribeTwelve)
* Mr. Slim (TribeTwelve)
* Mr. Thin
* The Tall Man
* The Thin Man
* Slendy

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