The original Slender Man video game, made by UnForum user Parsec, is very simple, yet horrifying. A nameless human is wandering through a nameless park, in search of pages drawn by a nameless entity….it has Slender Man in it, so have fun!!

Slenderman’s Shadow


Taking Slender to a whole new level…well, about 9 new levels to be exact.┬áDeveloped by Marc Steene and Wray Burgess, these two intrepid folks decided that they loved Slender so much that they would put him everywhere else people fear. There are many levels, and more coming very soon, so check it out!


Slenderman – The Game


Never fear, no one has lost it (UNTIL RIGHT NOW, HA!). This game is an extremely simple game. Flat graphics, Minecraft sounds as you walk across the grass, pixels galore, and easy enough for those looking for a nice cheap horror game. At the time of writing this, I just got done playing it for the first time and beating it, and I must say I was entranced!




Well, not much I can say about this game- mainly because it hasn’t come out yet! Faceless uses the Half Life 2 engine, so you KNOW it’s gonna be creepy. As for what we do know about this game, just take a look at the trailer! Also, if it pleases you so, up-vote it for Steam Greenlight!!


Well, that about wraps it up for what you see out there in terms of Slender Man games. I’m constantly looking to update this, so if you know of any good Slender Man games out there, please feel free to email me!


The Doctor