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XMandelbrot ~ Stuff From George’s Island

Yes, we both saw what the computer camera picked up. We don’t think it was able to fully get inside, though. Like something was keeping it out.

XMandelbrot ~ George’s Island (Travis)

From Harry/Travis’s camera, which incidentally stopped working after the last video was taken. Up next: What we found.

Merry Xmas, you wonderful suckers.

Xmandelbrot ~ George’s Island (Hugo)

My footage from our visit to George’s Island in late October.

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Xmandelbrot ~ Meeting With Travis

I don’t know what came over me. Travis did nothing to deserve me yelling at him like that. In fact, he was being much more productive than me.

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Xmandelbrot ~ Let’s Briefly Summarize What We Know, Shall We?

Recap video for those of you who had trouble following Harry’s videos.

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XMandelbrot ~ Harry’s Last Video

*re-uploading this after YouTube f—ed up the audio*

This is the very last of Harry’s videos. I apologize for all the distortion, and the length, but I think everyone should see it full and unedited. I think I understand what Harry’s been doing this whole time.

I’m finally going to go to Travis’s house today. He’s been ignoring my phone calls and Emails for long enough. Wether he likes it or not, we’re starting up our investigation again.

XMandelbrot ~ Last Stand

Tue – June 28 – 2011 – 4:56 PM. The Voice And The Sight Retreat From Harry’s House. Read more

Xmandelbrot ~ The Voice is Pissed Part 2

Sorry about the wait. Things are going on right now, and I still can’t get into contact with Travis. I think the video speaks for itself though.

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XMandelbrot ~ The Voice Is Pissed

I’m sorry for the length of this video. I won’t take as long to get the rest of the footage together for the next video. So many questions.

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Xmandelbrot ~ An Investigation