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Whispered Faith ~ Home

Another lead gone.

Whispered Faith ~ Pennsylvania Trip: Part 2

They followed me.

I stupidly went back to the house the next afternoon. It was in complete shambles, and there was no sign of Sean anywhere. All of my belongings were untouched, except the knife was missing.

If Sean is hurt or worse, it’s all my fault. I’m so sorry…..

Whispered Faith ~ Pennsylvania Trip: Part 1

Footage taken between January 18th, 2013 and January 29th, 2013.

Whispered Faith ~ Update

I’ll be out of state of a little while guys.

Any information that I find important or I feel needs to be seen will be posted here:

Whispered Faith ~ Home Invasion

This incident occurred Thursday evening. I’m staying as far away from that house as I possibly can. No idea when or even if I’ll be going back.

Whispered Faith ~ Connections

There might be others…

Whispered Faith ~ The Knife

Uploaded after much debate. I still can’t even begin to explain what happened there.

I’ll be uploading the images of the box’s contents on my twitter

Whispered Faith ~ notover.wmv

Whispered Faith ~ Video Diary #6


I’m really sorry for the delay on this video guys. I lost power for a week due to Hurricane Sandy. Following that youtube was giving me trouble uploading this. Finally got it after long hours of troubleshooting.

I’d just like to once again say thank you to all of you who supported me and gave me advice. All of you who showed concern while I was in the hospital. It means a lot. So thank you guys. I appreciate you all.