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Tulpaeffect ~ June

This is from our drive this past summer. Like I said on twitter, there’s a lot to go through and I’m still deciding what to show you. I dropped this footage on top of some music, sorry if you hate that, can’t please everyone.

Tulpa Effect ~ Meredith

Here’s part of my conversation with Meredith… I’m still not sure if posting in this is worthwhile, but I’m starting to believe it’s one of the few ways I still have control over my life.

Tulpa Effect ~ Roger’s Phone

This was as best we could get off Roger’s phone from October 26th. He has a video he posted to arkhamsdoorstep just before this.

Tulpa Effect ~ Update 14

First part is from the 18th…
I’m still feeling reluctant to post on here.

Tulpaeffect ~ blubbering


The Tulpa Effect ~ Lucky Number 13

Tulpa Effect ~ Update 12

Tuplaeffect ~ Update 11