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The Abbey Diaries ~ A Second Opinion

Okay, I’m not a real doctor, but you admit that title was clever right? Jokes over, shit is serious now. By the way, to the asshole who was in my house: You owe me a new pitcher….asshole. – Thurman

The Abbey Diaries ~ News

I don’t think I can do this alone for much longer. – Thurman

This is what they sent me:

EDIT: I don’t know what’s going on in this video. That’s not what I uploaded. I didn’t add the annotations, either. – Thurman

The Abbey Diaries ~ I’m still a little drunk.

The Abbey Diaries ~ A Message To A Stranger and Mark.

The Abbey Diaries ~ Help Me Find Abbey.

TheAbbeyDiaries ~ Goodbye For Now, Doctor.

The Abbey Diaries ~ Improvement.

The Abbey Diaries ~ I’m Okay Now.

TheAbbeyDiaries ~ I’m Sorry

TheAbbeyDiaries ~ This Was Sitting on My Desktop When I Woke Up