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Strange Aeons ~ The Sketchbook

About the last video: I talked to Vito again after I uploaded the video and he explained how he got the phone. Apparently Chris thought that putting the phone in a safe place wasn’t enough, so he gave it to Vito for another degree of safe-keeping. But in his infinite wisdom he forgot to tell Vito to never give me the phone, or what was on it. Which explains why Vito gave it up so easily.
The sketchbook you see in this video is apparently the same one I filmed Nick drawing in a few months ago. It seems like he found it lying around the room almost as soon as he moved in. Most of the pages seem to parallel what he was going through before he left. But as for those three pages with the three glyphs, there’s obviously more to it than I can think of right now. I’ll keep you guys posted if I find anything new.
A link to the sketchbook:…
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Strange Aeons ~ Interviews/The Phone

A couple days after the incident in the previous video, I managed to conduct some interviews with Chris and Vito. Chris produced nothing, but Vito apparently had Nick’s phone all this time.
There was almost nothing on the phone: no contacts, no apps, no music. Just the one video that’s in this upload. Clearly Chris not only has seen Nick, but helped him run away in the first place. Whether he had a hand in Nick disappearing (Nick said he only needed “a few weeks”) is another question. I’ll give Chris a call later today, see if I can get to the bottom of this.

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Strange Aeons ~ Video Note 3

Footage from my third watch-through of the third-party clips on my channel. I was tired and I mumbled through a note I was going to watch the next day. You guys were supposed to see the video where I confidently declare all there is to know about the clips, but what’s in this footage is more important than my own ego. I’m kind of scared.
Let me back up for a second. From Tuesday the 20th to Sunday the 25th, I was home for Thanksgiving break. I meant to put this video up before I went home, but I procrastinated so much that I had to do it at three in the morning the night I got home. And then… that happened.
Since then, I’ve acquired some information from other sources and may have found a new lead. Thankfully I’ve filmed it all. I’ll be posting everything I have in the coming days. We just might find something that can help.
Oh, and Anna conveniently went to stay with her parents’ for Thanksgiving, missing my entire stay at my parents’. I’ll get a hold of her eventually. I have to.

Strange Aeons ~ Parent’s Weekend

Footage of my time with my parents for Parent’s Weekend. Anna, Nick’s girlfriend, and their baby are staying with my parents for now. She hasn’t made contact with me, despite my multiple attempts to.
When I visit home, I’m launching my own investigation. The police have done nothing, and the evidence, such as it is, is getting colder. And Anna, we’re going to talk. Whether you want to or not.

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Strange Aeons ~ Happy Birthday Nick.

Just putting up an update for you guys. Happy birthday Nick. Your present is well wishes and an apology from me. Anna, I hope to see you and the baby soon. As for me, college is going pretty well.

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Strange Aeons ~ Abeyance

There’s nothing I can do. I’ve gone off to college and I can’t do anything. Nick is still missing, if he’s even alive at this point.
Here’s what I know: the last two videos that were posted on my account featured this guy who has been going around putting rings of salt around doors. He tagged the front of my house with that symbol that was on that missing poster. I don’t know when or how many times he’s been at my house. I just know that I’m powerless right now.
I need to pull my life back together. I’m in an entirely new setting and I can’t have any of this getting in the way of me moving on.
If any of you still care and find out anything new, please tell me. Tweet me @strangaeons if you find anything. Thank you for caring this much for so long. I hope Nick will turn up soon.

Strange Aeons ~ seeing me again

but not for long

Strange Aeons ~ didnt mean to

but how could i not

Strange Aeons ~ 08/18/12.mp4


Strange Aeons ~ “no he didnt” Talk

I discussed the video Nick uploaded with Artie. We don’t really know what to do right now, but I’ll wait until Nick uploads another video. Maybe I can try to find him.

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