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StanFrederickBTS ~ 40. This is Goodbye

This will be my last update video.
Comments are enabled, so have at it.

Here’s the question video I mentioned:…

And there’s one last word I have for all of you here:…

Maybe you’ll see me again.
And if not, wish me luck in life.
I may be free, but I’m not leaving others in the dark like we were.

StanFrederickBTS ~ 39. My Confession

Thank you.

StanFrederickBTS ~ Your Move

This is a message to OsirisChronicles:

Thought you could escape from DEATH?
No, death follows_you everywhere.

The move that you’ve made has only become a temporary solution to your LIFE LONG PROBLEM. A problem that I HAVE COME TO FREE YOU OF.

My terms are simple; ACCEPT MY HELP.
Come and kill with me.
or die.

Have your answer ready.

StanFrederickBTS ~ 38. Closure with an Old Friend

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been busy since the events of my “Weakness” video. I’ve been preparing, mentally, emotionally, all of that, for what I’ll be doing very soon.

This is Kevin’s journal, in full, with comments by myself in-between entries:…

I know where Connor plans on going next.

I found out about this though Mark, one of the people that Connor tried to kill. Mark said that when he left his house, he apparently left with info about TheAbbeyDiaries (another survivor that he already visited) and this remaining one, OsirisChronicles. If this guy is the last person that Connor plans to visit before coming to kill me, then he’ll be the last person I help by warning.

I don’t plan on making anymore videos after this because I don’t think I’ll live after I do what Idolon wants me to do. But in case I do, I’m taking my camera with me. If I live, the footage will be put online. If not then hopefully someone that finds it will one day see what happened. That’s all I ask for, at this point.

Goodbye. Thank you all for watching.

StanFrederickBTS ~ 37. Idolon Left This

I consider it a gift from Idolon. He left it, in the form of a tape, in my mailbox on Christmas morning. Most of the footage seems to be from late 2011, around Christmastime, while the rest looks like my security footage from a month ago. I remember it now. And it’s lifted my spirits.

Even after I gave up on myself, Idolon still has faith that I can get through this. And I will. Erik would have wanted that. Susan would want that.

I will get through this.
And soon.
Not much longer and I’ll be on my way to “where the lies started”.

StanFrederickBTS ~ Weakness

I’m really sorry, everyone.
I was being an idiot.

StanFrederickBTS ~ 36. Almost There

The whole video was corrupted.
For the sake of the camera and myself, this has to end soon.
Regardless, I did it. I now have two of Idolon’s clues.

Here’s the scanned picture of both sides of Idolon’s clue:…

Like before, I won’t be able to progress at ALL if you all don’t help me out. Help me translate the bullshit in the back of Idolon’s clue, and if you can, help me figure out what it means. I realize that I’m asking a lot of random internet people, but the way I see it, you’re all a lot smarter than I am about all this shit. I’d even venture to say that, without you, I wouldn’t have gotten this far at all.

Anyways, what I have so far are “STARTED” and “WHERE”. I feel like there’s a lot more that I need to find, and I hope to find whatever it is soon.

StanFrederickBTS ~ 35. The Alley

I did it.
I found the first REAL clue.
I can fucking end this.

Here are both sides of the paper Idolon sent me:

If anyone can help me decode it, that’d be great. If you could help me figure out whatever it means afterward, that’d be even better. I need all of your help now more than ever. Connor is probably still on the move, and the longer I wait, the more innocent people will get hurt. Please. Help me.

To see all of the places that Connor has visited, follow these links:



I have to get a move on and find more of what Idolon left me. Connor won’t stop looking for other people… despite how awfully he’s handling them (Thank God he’s a moron). Susan is going to be okay. I just know it.

StanFrederickBTS ~ Dear_DIARY

This is a message to TheAbbeyDiaries:

Hello Abbey. My name is Connor.
I learned about you through an old friend.
Perhaps you remember MARK?
His fate was not as disclosed as I had hoped.
But I was able to find you THROUGH HIM.

You are so quiet, Abbey.
Why must you torment yourself with silence?
and let your voice be heard.

You have two days to respond.
I’ll be IN YOUR AREA by then.

StanFrederickBTS ~ 34. INSANITY

Sorry about the poor quality. I was more worried about the fact that I had a massive gash on the right side of my head to be upset over some fucking pixels. Now that i think of it, I’m pretty sure that impact should have killed me.

Now that Susan is gone, I wish that it fucking had.

I want to continue searching for Idolon’s clues, but without her here, I have no drive to want to do so. The only shred of confidence that I have left is that, if I find what he wants me to, maybe Susan will come back to me, and all of this will be over.

I’m not doing what Connor says. And I think that, since he’ll be busy “recruiting”, he won’t be keeping tabs on my progress.

Here’s Connor’s response video to that guy Mark:

Mark actually responded to Connor’s message while I was trying to get this shit video to upload:

I will try my best to find the next clues, especially if it’ll get Susan back. I may be gone for days, weeks, maybe even a month, before I find anything. Susan, if you see this somehow, know that I’m doing everything I can. You’ll be okay, I promise.