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Patrick’s Room ~ Happy Birthday to Us

Although for Joe, it will be his last, mark my words.
Also, I’m taking a little break from this whole “Film yourself every waking second because a malevolent giant entity is trying to kill me, and so is my indentical twin brother who I thought was dead, but as it turns out is working for the Giant malevolent giant and is also trying to kill me” business, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soonish, I just need a new laptop, becuase I shot the one I was using.
I am uploading this from a library computer.

Patrick’s Room ~ I Found My Hat

It was on the floor, it must have fallen off when Joe knocked me out.

Patrick’s Room ~ Hey Guess What, Screw You Joe

I threw out the stupid key-chain, because it got rusty.
Also I’m Back, and I have my first true encounter of what Joe has become.
He just sort of showed up, knocked me out, and sent me to The Bathroom/Laundry room from my family’s old Sports Bar, Patrick’s Room, which is where the fire started, the fire that burnt Patrick’s Room to the ground, but I have already expained that before.

Patrick’s Room ~ 2

It looks like another video got posted on my channel called “Title” I did not make that video.

Patrick’s Room ~ Title


Patrick’s Room ~ arentyouforgettingsomethingreupload


Patrick’s Room ~ 0

Ok… So he did appearently pay me a visit, I must say, if anything, HE has got style.

Patrick’s Room ~ hahahaistoleitbackhahaha


Patrick’s Room ~ I Stole It, I Am Not Sorry

Yeah, that’s right, you wan’t it back, come get it

Patrick’s Room ~ Use The Key

I finally used the key, and I find out some terrible, I just don’t get it, this doesn’t make any sense at all.