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Pavel Hall ~ #9 Another gift

I found another gift waiting for me outside my house yesterday.
I will post the full thing later

Catathrenia ~ Forensics

Again, sorry for not posting in a while. All I do anymore is work and sleep, and if I try to stay awake, I get terrible migraines. Videos may be sporadic until I feel better.

I spent some more time looking at what was in the box. I ordered a reprint of the article that was in there so that I could get the date that it was printed, and it came in a couple days ago. I may have been looking at this all wrong. I need to talk to my parents, but they’re a few hours’ drive away, and this isn’t something I want to do over the phone.

Broken Heart Chronicles ~ So that happened…


I’m back and ready to settle this.


HELLO VICTORIA watchmylittlemovies

TEA13TIME ~ 4. No sense (Subtitled)

Sorry. I could not sleep so I made a little video of just some stuff we’ve been filming… Yet this doesn’t make any sense. [R

Edit: I wasn’t going to publish this (it was about to remain private), but something in it… I’m not sure but there was something that might not belong there. Weird eh? Maybe my subconscious spotted something while watching the raw materials..? Well, we always can theorize but who knows. Also: Sorry about my face. Ehh. [R


My Dark Journal ~ Ersatz

let you die? no. it is easier said, than done.
we will never let you go. suffer those sins. of your Father.

The Andersen Journals ~ Video Journal #10 – A Fresh Start

A return to relative normalcy, while still hunting for information on the hands. I hope you are all faring well. – Michael Andersen (3/4/2013)


HELLO victoria

Keratin Garden ~ No. 20 – Smoke Alarms

Nikki has gone. As I upload this, I’m waiting for it to show up outside the house again. I know it’s still here.

As soon as I see it, I’m following it.

(Check the KeratinGarden Twitter tonight for my updates:

Pavel Hall ~ #8 Talk some sense

I invited Karin and Korban over to watch the footage from my past vlogs.