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Octarine Night ~ 1/2

this is one of those videos that was two separate files and got all cut up and fused and shit. I dont even fucking care anymore. I dont quite get why jack wants me to upload files like this which I was withholding for a fucking reason. He wants us to be more open with how we really feel or some stupid shit like that.

I just want to end this.

Octarine Night ~ a new line

im going to be doing these interviews from now on in. who knows, it might help. ill try to be more delicate and construct the interviews more carefully from now on. I really hope this can help us.…

their channel isĀ

Octarine Night ~ The Abbey

I woke up about 20 minutes ago. Last thing I remember is walking along the same road as the abbey at about 2pm. judging by the light, I’d say this was filmed at about 6. What happened in those 4 hours I have no idea. I dont remember any of the last month, really.
I dont know who that guy was, but judging by what TFE posted on the blog… he’s working as a proxy or whatever for “Rose”. This footage was really quite fucked up. Sorry about that.

Octarine Night ~ hear my out Kyle

this was filmed a week or so ago now? i cant remember exactly, but sandy was raging. something grabbed my leg at the end and my computer ended up shutting down until last night. every attempt to turn it back on failed. i dont know where you are right now but please be careful. follow my advice please. colton wont talk to anyone. – dante

Octarine Night ~ breaking through

hello ladies and gentlemen. my name is jack And my name is Harry…
We shall be your hosts this evening and this is us sneaking onto Kyle’s channel to upload a video explaining theLET METYPE THIS BIT Eternal melancholy of our predicament. This was filmed two days before the….incident.
and it seems kyle was right about one thing. he WASNT there when Harry went through emotional trauma. good job A+ now lets make up and go to the fucking alley

Octarine Night ~ Seeds

I found this on Kyle’s hard-drive.
He said he didn’t know how harry got that way.

Octarine Night ~ playing about with the new webcam

yeah. We’ll be going to the Abbey at some point. I want to be able to take Harry, though.
Anyway. We’re uploading in real time again, I hope xD

Octarine Night ~ Exploration #1

Hey guys…it’s dante here. This is our first poke around the Beach…we’ll probably look around the main part another time, but we headed straight to the bridge because of some weird dreams I’ve been having about it lately.
I cant explain the other clips.

Octarine Night ~ Dante

This is the video I was sent a private link to by Dante. After I saw this we got in touch over facebook and have been talking shit over, making sure he’s completely up to date on everything. He’ll be looking into Hamburg beach and any other places that could be part of this.

you might want to turn your speakers up.

Octarine Night ~ Phoning Xakk and gaining leads

sorry it’s such a long video D:
But yes…it seems to be the xakk we all know and love from 5zer0. what he told me was pretty handy, I guess. There was no sign of him at all when I went out there :/
And ogod there’s sauce around my mouth xD. this is what I get for filming after going to dinner.

This was filmed not long before I was hit by WeMustCollect.
I think I’m just going to stop contacting external sources. Dante seems trustworthy but I dont want to deal with any more slenderstalkees.