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My Dark Journal ~ Ersatz

let you die? no. it is easier said, than done.
we will never let you go. suffer those sins. of your Father.

My Dark Journal ~ Ravensbrück

they took her eyes, and
then they took her legs.
/91 days of pain.

he took her from us, to make uss Obey. Suffer the children the Father’s sin.

A fortress foiled, which reason did defend,
A siren song, a fever of the mind,
A maze wherein affection finds no end,
A raging cloud that runs before the wind,
A substance like the shadow of the sun,
A goal of grief for which the wisest run.

My Dark Journal ~ easier said than done.…
suffer the children.
it did not help him. it will not help you.
do not fear, i will obey.

My Dark Journal ~ A Belated Ending

i am ssorry for misleading you. this was all a mistake. robbie and i apologize for wasting your time, thank you for watching our project.

My Dark Journal ~ Son of Kliest…

would you hear his words? this shy boy
who would not show his face.

he hass such things to tell.


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My Dark Journal ~ regrets

My Dark Journal ~ paytheprice

MyDarkJournal ~ help.