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The Andersen Journals ~ Video Journal #10 – A Fresh Start

A return to relative normalcy, while still hunting for information on the hands. I hope you are all faring well. – Michael Andersen (3/4/2013)

Andersen Journals ~ So It Goes (2)

I wil Kill it. I am going to fjkcing kill it if thats the laskt thing thay i do.. I;m so sorry

Andersen Journals ~ So It Goes (Part 1/2)

I am so sorry that it has taken this long to get back to all of you. Everything was back to normal, and then suddenly, it just wasn’t at all.

The second part will be uploaded tomorrow, if all goes well. I am still debating uploading the footage, but a part of me feels like it needs to be shown, if even for my own closure.

The hotel room in Newark is quiet, and I am drunk. But you all deserve to know, at the very least, this part of the story. I want to kill it. I will kill it.

The Andersen Journals ~ A Warning

The Andersen Journals ~ Too Quiet