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Keratin Garden ~ No. 20 – Smoke Alarms

Nikki has gone. As I upload this, I’m waiting for it to show up outside the house again. I know it’s still here.

As soon as I see it, I’m following it.

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Keratin Garden ~ No. 19 – Matte Manicure

Keratin Garden ~ No. 18 – Back Home

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported me during these past few months. I appreciate your help and encouragement, and I hope this is the end of what I’ve been struggling with.

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KeratinGarden ~ No. 17 – New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year, Story. We’re all thinking about you. –Nikki

Keratin Garden ~ No. 16 Playground

Story is ok. we took her home and i talked to her parents. They needed to know. –Nikki

Keratin Garden ~ 195318320

Keratin Garden – No. 15

they might talk to you


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Keratin Garden ~ No. 14

It’s hard to keep my head clear sometimes

Keratin Garden ~ No. 13 – Halloween