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Dark Harvest ~ Update #7 [2:33 PM 2/24/2013]

I’m not giving up yet. Here’s the update video, as promised.

Dark Harvest ~ Daniel Shipman’s Visit: Third & Fourth Days

He didn’t.

Dark Harvest ~ Daniel Shipman’s Visit: Second Day

There is another video regarding Daniel’s visit that I still need to upload, however it may take me a little longer than expected. Sifting through the footage and compiling what is interesting/relevant to the situation is very time-consuming. Expect it fairly soon, though. Like I said previously, once this whole thing is posted, Alex and I will most likely make a video about how we are doing now. Keep in mind that the events depicted in this video took place on January 6th, as Daniel arrived on the 5th. I hope I won’t have to keep you guys waiting too long on the next video. We do want to keep all of our viewers informed regarding our current situation, but we feel these videos are far more substantial than just writing up a text post.

Dark Harvest ~ Daniel Shipman’s Visit: First Day

So much has happened in the past few days, it’s going to take some time to compile all the footage together. This is the first video in a series of about three we will be releasing in the coming days. Once everything is out in the open, and you can come to your own conclusions about what is going on and what may happen, I’ll post a more in-depth view of how we’re doing now that this is over and what we plan on doing next.

Dark Harvest ~ Update #6 [1:03 PM 11/26/2012]

It’s been two years since this all began. A lot has changed, and not for the better. Things have been quiet lately though, and I’m hoping that everyone involved in this will be able to somehow return to their lives if this is all coming to a close. But we shouldn’t act like this is the end: we’ve thought the same way before. Back in August of 2011 we tried to do the same thing, and we just got sucked back into this shit. But now that we know what happened to Greg and that we are powerless to bring the one responsible in to custody, it just doesn’t seem worth it any more. Our thoughts will always be with the family of Gregory Benson, Jeff and his father, who have endured through all this and have been hit hardest. Here’s looking to the future.

Dark Harvest ~ Greg’s Final Log

Dark Harvest ~ Log Entry #27

This video is actually a few days old. Alex and I had debated whether or not uploading this would be a good idea. I’m still against it, but things have been pretty quiet recently and this seemed to be our only option. Now the point of this “message” is not to threaten, but show that we are in control and will command our own destinies. We are not pushovers and will not just be pawns in a game. I hope the Order thinks twice before trying to pull some shit now. Not to mention that their “spy” is as good as useless to them now.

Regardless of what will come next, I am satisfied that retribution was delivered.

edit: Also, the tape that we found in Jesse’s room is definitely Greg’s. This may be the last piece of the puzzle regarding what actually happened to him.

Dark Harvest ~ Log Entry #26

No description available.

Dark Harvest ~ Log Entry #25: Meeting with Noah Maxwell

We got into contact with this guy Noah Maxwell via Daniel. As you can see in the video, involving others who claim to have the same problem as us is a bad idea. We can only trust ourselves.

If you wanna see this guy’s videos, they’re here:

We understand that he’s been through a lot but this whole situation could have been avoided. I understand we’re equally to blame, but we warned him.

Dark Harvest ~ Greg’s Log #3