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Catathrenia ~ Forensics

Again, sorry for not posting in a while. All I do anymore is work and sleep, and if I try to stay awake, I get terrible migraines. Videos may be sporadic until I feel better.

I spent some more time looking at what was in the box. I ordered a reprint of the article that was in there so that I could get the date that it was printed, and it came in a couple days ago. I may have been looking at this all wrong. I need to talk to my parents, but they’re a few hours’ drive away, and this isn’t something I want to do over the phone.

Catathrenia ~ Today I stared at a corner for a half hour.

Or, “Another exciting day in the life of Tyler.”

Catathrenia ~ The Box

Yesterday I went to the park. I found nothing there, but there was a box on my doorstep when I got home. Inside were my two stolen hard drives, destroyed. Also in the box were a note, a news article and a key.

Catathrenia ~ More Searching

If you’re sending me any info about this slender man, I’m not getting it. My only lead right now is Memorial Park, and I don’t know what I’m even looking for there. I’m heading out there as soon as I post this to see what I can find.

Catathrenia ~ No Results

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. In this case, I find the lack of evidence incredibly fascinating. Maybe you all can help me out with it, because I’m at a bit of an impasse.

Catathrenia ~ I’m back, I guess

I’m back home, my computer is back up and running thanks to a donated hard drive, and someone is convinced that I’m being followed. Just another day?

Also, I mentioned a post on Reddit. I had written there to ask for advice about some of the things that you have seen in my videos, but on the night that I found myself in the park, I wrote again to… fill in some details I left out. That post is here:

Catathrenia ~ my long walk home

i don’t know

Catathrenia ~ Farewell

Still alive; it wasn’t that bad of an accident.

On another note, this is my last video. I’ve lost focus from the original intent of the channel, and it’s time for me to close up shop. Thanks to all of you who watched my videos, hopefully you got something out of them. I’ll still be around if you have any questions, just comment or send me a message.

Catathernia ~ Memorial Park

I went to the park, like I said in my video. I remember driving there, getting out of the car, and walking into the park. I don’t remember much of anything after that, except for the bits of the accident that I remember from my dream, but I can’t even be sure that’s real.

Catathrenia ~ Revelation

Realized something last night just when I was on the edge of falling asleep. Pretty sure I know why that one frame looks familiar.