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BrokenBranches117 ~ SD Card Video #4

This clip was originally called “008.cvc”. We eliminated most of the video distortion, but we couldn’t save the audio. –Steven/Garrett

The location of the video looks suspiciously like the outside of our house. –Garrett

ICANSEETHEGIANT ~ VIDEO brokenbranches117



BrokenBranches117 ~ childen

a plea from the stars.

BrokenBranches117 ~ Skype Call with Evan

Garrett arrived at home shortly after.

Here’s the text at the beginning since the video is too pixelated to read it:

“Hey Steven/Garrett, it’s “Stan”. I just made this Skype account so I could reach out to you, as well as any others that I can get in touch with regarding the situation we all sort of “share”. I can probably offer you information more than most other people, because I know a little bit about something related to your predicament, as you’ve probably been able to guess.

I can likely talk to you here on a later date, but as of right now, I have stuff I need to do. Add me on here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope everything’s okay.” –Steven

BrokenBranches117 ~ SD Card Video #3

We’ve almost completely eliminated the audio and video distortion in this clip, originally named “007.cvc”. –Steven/Garrett

BrokenBranches117 ~ Home Surveillance

This is the footage we recorded from our home surveillance recordings a week or so ago. And even now, we still can’t get the intruder on camera.

Each of the clips are taken from a different day of the week, but we’ve forgotten which ones. –Steven/Garrett

BrokenBranches117 ~ SD Card Video #2

EDIT (3/4/13): Added notations for anyone who can’t understand what he’s saying. I tried to translate it to the best of my ability. –Steven

This video was harder to fix than the first one, and it’s still not very half-decent quality. The original file name for this video is “006.cvc”. We’re almost halfway done, just 3 more videos to fix and upload. –Steven

BrokenBranches117 ~ SD Card Video #1

This is the first file on the SD card that we found in the camera, which we were finally able to recover most of. The original name for this file was “005.cvc”. Neither I nor Garrett know who is in the video, but we have some suspicion that it may or may not be Nick, considering that he mentioned Casey in the video. –Steven

ICANSEETHEGIANT ~ Update #6: Third Candidate

Crossover with

BrokenBranches117 ~ In which the ground rumbles.

Steven and I were walking around in some wooded areas earlier today. This is some footage from the walk. –Garrett