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Word from The Doctor

Hello everyone!

I’m making this post to put out there exactly what is going on with the forum. You can expect things to be changing over the course of this week, as well as the next. Let me give you a rundown on some things:

1.) I will be organizing sections and giving them sub sections. For example, the Video Series Discussion will have separate sub sections for the major Vlogs like Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve, Dark Harvest, and Caught Not Sleeping. I will need a bit of help finding the major blogs to put separate sections up of, so please feel free to inform me.

2.) I will be tweaking the image files for the template currently being used on the forum. Do not expect changes to the actual look of the site anytime soon, I am simply informing you all. Also, if anyone out there has any knowledge of editing styles for phpbb, please let me know, any help is appreciated!

3.) I am in the middle of writing something quite fun as an intro to the forum. It will be a video, and you can expect that to be up within the month. I say month because I still have to finish tweaking the script and record it. I promise you, it will be well worth the time and wait.

If you can think of anything else that needs to be tweaked, fixed, or Sonic’d, feel free to contact either The Composer or I, we always want to hear from you!!

So, till then….

Actual progress whaaaaaaaat?

What’s this?  I’m actually doing something on the site?  It would appear so!

While our dear Composer has been continually updating video series, I’ve been less active for various reasons.  Lately, however, I’ve been working harder on changing that.  I’ve been doing some tweaking with editing where necessary and am currently working on steadily adding classic or well-regarded blogs.  I might start adding some video series as well.

But yeah, that’s just an brief update on my plans.  Those of you who are interested in the blogs can look forward to more progress in the near future, and with any luck, we’ll have our “Staff Picks” up soon so you’ll know what’s worth reading.


Hiker’s intro

Don’t know if one was done for me yet, but, hello site. I’m Hiker. I’m gonna be doing lots of stuff here, mostly posting links to and reviews of the most notoriously bad works of Slender Fiction. Works that are so awful, yet so important in the history of the Mythos that they can’t go ignored.

Andy’s Introduction

Hey, everyone!  Andy here, AKA lilandyk, AKA DaLadybugMan.  TheComposor has been kind enough to post an introduction for me already, so I’ll just say hi and let everyone know that I’ve started work–primarily adding Slenderblogs to the site and the list.