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Forum Changes

Due to some serious technical issues with our forum, we decided a reboot was in order.  PhpBB just did not have the anti-spam and moderation supports we needed.

Consequently, we’ve now set up shop with a new fourm via ForumMotion, which the Doctor has assured me should not suffer the same issues.  The original forum is being wiped as we speak, so you’ll need to recreate an account there.  The URL is the same, I’ve turned it into a redirect.

Please bare with us as Doc works to set up the new forum.

- Composer

Word from The Doctor

Hello everyone!

I’m making this post to put out there exactly what is going on with the forum. You can expect things to be changing over the course of this week, as well as the next. Let me give you a rundown on some things:

1.) I will be organizing sections and giving them sub sections. For example, the Video Series Discussion will have separate sub sections for the major Vlogs like Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve, Dark Harvest, and Caught Not Sleeping. I will need a bit of help finding the major blogs to put separate sections up of, so please feel free to inform me.

2.) I will be tweaking the image files for the template currently being used on the forum. Do not expect changes to the actual look of the site anytime soon, I am simply informing you all. Also, if anyone out there has any knowledge of editing styles for phpbb, please let me know, any help is appreciated!

3.) I am in the middle of writing something quite fun as an intro to the forum. It will be a video, and you can expect that to be up within the month. I say month because I still have to finish tweaking the script and record it. I promise you, it will be well worth the time and wait.

If you can think of anything else that needs to be tweaked, fixed, or Sonic’d, feel free to contact either The Composer or I, we always want to hear from you!!

So, till then….

Some Changes To Our Format

First off, apologies for the hiatus. Some adjustments to my personal life prevented me from making some much needed updates to the site, but that’s changing now.

Second, a slight format change to posts, going into effect immediately. Previously each post featured the embedded video and a link to the youtube channel. However, the channel link is something I’ve decided is redundant, since it’s easy enough to click through the video to the channel. Instead, the video description (if there is one) will accompany the videos in the posts.

Third, I’ve added a scheduling plug in to space updates out more and make it easier to add them. When there are new videos, there should be posts every 3 – 4 hours.

Fourth, coming in the next few days, I’ll be adding a new page/section for Slender Man games. The page should feature not only links to the various slender man game projects but I’ll try to add posts regarding updates / changelogs to those projects when I become aware of them.

Now then… let the updates begin.

Our Forum is Now Open

The forum is finally open, barring a few technical hiccups here and there, but bear with us and feel free to join in.


Podcast #5 ~ The Late Episode

To be updated with details later.

PODCAST #4 ~ After Dark Edition

WARNING – This one gets slightly more R-rated than usual. And that’s about all I’ve got to say about that.

With Guests:
Locke –
Verdett – No Channel Listed
Slick –
Alex – No Channel Listed
Josh –

PODCAST #3 – Ask me what it means! Ask me what it means!

Updates, Slenderverse Shenanigans, and the most scatter-shot off topic segment to date. And tangents. A great… many… tangents.

With guests:

Adam –
Verdett – No Channel Listed

And of course your regular hosts, Composer and Doc.

And Hey!  I got this one up on schedule this time!

PODCAST #2 – Rise of the Aquabots

We swear, the title is relevant… to the off-topic section anyway.

With Guests:

Adam –
Andy –
Josh –

And of course your regular hosts, Composer and Doc.

PODCAST #1 ~ The Counter Resets

In this Podcast:

The Composer –

The Doctor

Tom –

Adam –

Podcast #1 to be online late tonight

The first epsiode of the podcast will be online later tonight after I finish editing it and processing it.  You’ll be able to stream it online via Youtube or download the file for listening on your favorite device.

I’ll post again when it’s online.