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Theory ~ Sound Distortion Generated by “The Slenderman” in Various Videos

My theory is that when the audio/video distortion occurs, most prominently in the marble hornets videos, I believe that this is not audio distortion, but actually a sound emitted by “Slenderman” to scare off smaller animals, seeing as his primary targets are human. The reason that none of the people in the videos notice this noise is because it is not audible by the human ear, and the only way we hear it is because it is amplified by the camcorder.

This is also shown by the fact that nobody is aware of the presence of “Slenderman” until they visually see “Slenderman”.

However I have no theories regarding the video corruption/distortion.

Marble Hornets ~ The Story Thus Far…

In 2006, film student Alex Kralie abandoned work on his nearly completed student film, “Marble Hornets” for unknown reasons and dropped out of social contact. Just prior to Alex’s disappearance, a series of tapes allegedly containing footage from the film were given to his friend Jay.

In 2009 Jay began to go through these tapes and discovering paranormal activity during the film shoot. In the present he began to be stalked by someone going by the name “totheark”, who left messages for Jay in the form of video responses.

Jay disappeared in the spring of 2010 after receiving a tape in the mail showing that Alex was alive. He re-surfaced in November of 2010, claiming to have no memory of the intervening months.  After piecing together the events of the lost months, Jay began investigating Alex and Tim after the disturbing revelations found on the tapes he can no longer remember recording.


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