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I’m Digging this Interesting New Take on Slendy

Alternate Incarnation of Slendy as seen in "The Orphanage"

Credit: Slenderman Stories: The Oprhanage Facebook Page

I’ve been gone for a few weeks, so I’m just now seeing this…

And my god is it cool.  I posted a few weeks back about another Slender Man game in development by Shadow Shifters called The Orphanage that had me impressed with the previews, and they recently unveiled their “1890s Slender Man” design, and I love the idea.

Alternate version of Slenderman are nothing new.  The earliest stories in the mythos put for the idea of his outfit changing relative to the era in which he appeared, with a stand out example being the dark ages version where work black armor over his near skeletal figure.  While our modern day version wears a modern suit, 1890s Slender Man wears the formal attire of the time, which I must say looks quite spiffy.  I applaud them not only for the great design, but for being willing to try something different than the rigid mainstream interpretation.

The Orphanage on Steam Greenlight

Developer’s Website

New Game ~ The Slenderman Stories – The Orphanage

Browsing Kotaku today I stumbled onto another Slenderman game in development.  Now personally, I’m not a massive fan of some of the imitators to Slender: The Eight Pages that have popped up recently.  However, this one… feels like something special.  Kind of grabs the atmospheric and psychological horror stuff, and I love the stuff they’re doing with the cell phone as part of the gameplay and such.  I’m eager to see how this progresses.

Kotaku Article

Developer’s Website