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Slendertrax ~ Riffing Marble Hornets: Part 3

Joined by my two now-regular riffmeisters, we dive into Marble Hornets part 3!

Part 3 consists of Entries 14-17 and Totheark entries “Program”, “Addition” and “Advocate.”

Parody ~ The Slender Games

I like this in theory, although they’ve clearly ONLY played the game.

Created by How It Should Have Ended

Parody ~ Bane Plays Slender

I am thoroughly amused.

Created by McGoiter

Parody ~ Patrick Plays Slender

Created by 7eclipse7

Fan Video ~ Lavender Moon

Created by DeadJosey

Fan Video – SFM – Slender (Fan-Made)

Created by Notilhenger

Fan Art ~ 5 Drunk Avengers Play Slenderman by =ecokitty

5 Drunk Avengers Play Slenderman -Flash- by =ecokitty on deviantART

Fan Art ~ Slender Man by ~nick-tyrrell

Slender Man by ~nick-tyrrell on deviantART

Fan Video ~ Slenderverse Tribute – O’ Children

Created by LockeNotLoki

Fan Video ~ Slender Man Mythos – Breaking Down Again


Created by TheMalevolencer