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Something is Returning

And it’s me.

I apologize for being MIA, but real life tends to screw with you whenever you attempt to keep schedule or up to date.

I’m going to start the updates, get this place rolling again.

Seems like I’m having to make one of these apology posts every time I come on to update.  Maybe I should put them in their own category or something. *shrug*

Forum Changes

Due to some serious technical issues with our forum, we decided a reboot was in order.  PhpBB just did not have the anti-spam and moderation supports we needed.

Consequently, we’ve now set up shop with a new fourm via ForumMotion, which the Doctor has assured me should not suffer the same issues.  The original forum is being wiped as we speak, so you’ll need to recreate an account there.  The URL is the same, I’ve turned it into a redirect.

Please bare with us as Doc works to set up the new forum.

- Composer

Some Changes To Our Format

First off, apologies for the hiatus. Some adjustments to my personal life prevented me from making some much needed updates to the site, but that’s changing now.

Second, a slight format change to posts, going into effect immediately. Previously each post featured the embedded video and a link to the youtube channel. However, the channel link is something I’ve decided is redundant, since it’s easy enough to click through the video to the channel. Instead, the video description (if there is one) will accompany the videos in the posts.

Third, I’ve added a scheduling plug in to space updates out more and make it easier to add them. When there are new videos, there should be posts every 3 – 4 hours.

Fourth, coming in the next few days, I’ll be adding a new page/section for Slender Man games. The page should feature not only links to the various slender man game projects but I’ll try to add posts regarding updates / changelogs to those projects when I become aware of them.

Now then… let the updates begin.

Hiatus Terminated

I’m back.  Had the flu during finals week plus family responsibilities the week after that.  Not fun. Anyways, queued up everything that’s happened during my absence to get you up to speed.   I’ll try to be more careful about letting you know BEFORE I disapear next time.

Also, I’m well aware we’re well past due for Podcast #2, but I can finally get that taken care of this weekend as well.  So… expect that tomorrow evening.

Happy Mothers Day to whom it may apply.

- The Composer

Thought Slendy had me there for a while…

I’ve been sick for the last week with a horrible, horrible cough and other symptoms… not the worst illness I’ve had in my life, but probably the second worst.  I’m in the process of pulling out of it thankfully… and now it’s just the cough.  And it only really acts up when I talk or laugh.

Anyway, now that the headaches and fatigue are cleared up, I can start posting again, so here comes the queue.  Let’s get caught up on the last week, shall we?


- Composer

All Caught Up

Sorry for my absence the last few days, been busy with some real life stuff.  Anyways, queued up all the updates from this week, will try to keep things up to date from here on out.

We’ve got another podcast planned for next week, so look forward to that.

That’s pretty much it.  Enjoy the updates.

- Composer

Podcast #1 to be online late tonight

The first epsiode of the podcast will be online later tonight after I finish editing it and processing it.  You’ll be able to stream it online via Youtube or download the file for listening on your favorite device.

I’ll post again when it’s online.


Slender Man Featured on “Know Your Meme”

Yeah, surprised me to.  I thought they were too busy with Youtube poops and argument-invalidating bread hats to care about creepypasta, but Slender Man got featured.  The video is… OK.  While I’d like to see something besides Marble Hornets get at least mentioned, it’s a step.  The ending is sort of meh… if Slendy’s going on vacation, I always took him to be more of a cold climate type.

Let’s see, what else is new, as long as I’m posting.  Work on the forum is underway and several spambots have been eviscerated and fed to the Rake.  We’ve also got some of our contributors posting, including a very well done Zalgo article.

Oh, and barring something going horribly wrong, expect the premier of our Podcasts on April 3!

Celebrating 2 Years of everymanHYBRID

TheComposer would like to congragulate the cast and crew of everymanHYBRID on 2 full years in the Slender Man Mythos, and for very much being one of our “founding fathers”.  For those about to… uh… scare the crap out of us, we salute you!

Celebrate the 2 Year Anniversary with an everymanHYBRID marathon!
Tonight, keep an eye on TheComposer twitter, around 8 PM we’ll be having a synchtube EMH Marathon.  Come hang out and, hey, maybe we’ll invent a drinking game to challenge TribeTwelve.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  It’s quite bare and ugly at this point, but our FORUM is finally set up.  Go ahead and register if you like, but it’ll be a week or two before there’s going to be any serious activity.


Some of you probably just facepalmed at the post title, but let’s move on from that shall we?


- TribeTwelve and Andersen Journal pages are activated.

- Made some organization changes to Lexicon.  Removed the “Influences” tab under Lexicon, on the basis that I really didn’t have much planned for it.  Might come back someday, but not for now.  Added a detailed page for “The Slender Man” under Lexicon, but it’s blank for now.  Added the “Chronicle” menu and sub-pages, with the symbology page moved under Chronicle.  New sub-pages include the “Other Forces” which will detail other tertiary creepypasta, a section for notable characters, and a “Case Studies” section which will feature plot summaries and articles on the mythos past.


I wonder how many of you will get this joke.

- Added the Social Links menu to the side-bar.  I played around for a few hours with different configurations, and this was the most compressed and unobtrusive solution.  Currently with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter integration.  If there are other social media you’d like to see in that box, let me know with a comment.  It would also give you the opportunity to be the first comment… on the entire site.  The Ultimate “First!”.  (Though if you only comment “First!” I’ll be displeased)

But in all seriousness, this site isn’t worthwhile unless it people are reading, so if you enjoy what I’m doing here, would you kindly please use them to get the word out?

- Added the staff menu to the side-bar, which should be the first indicator that very soon, I won’t be the only one working this site.  I’m also adding a Staff Blog category so that they too can make updates and share insights.

Happy St. Patrick’s day, and be safe.