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Slenderblog ~ A Curious John Doe

A young man wakes up in a hospital bed
with no experience related memories, essentially a soap opera level
case of retrograde amnesia. His only clues are a laptop with nothing
on it but a few photos of him and a girl he can no longer remember,
and a ragged torn pair of jeans. Well, those and the doctors’
insistence that he should be dead given that he was found hanging. A
local couple with a child take him in and as he examines his computer
looking for any clues about himself he fights the overwhelming urge
to take his own life again as well as deals with a myriad of strange
events that begin to unfold within days of coming to his new home.

Authors Note: Trigger Warning: Talk of, Description of, Attempt of suicide.

Slenderblog ~ Dark Life

Not much to say about it, its that new.

Slenderblog ~ Where Everything is Backwards

Willow struggles with the symptoms of her Schizotypy every day and only wants to get better and become normal.  She starts to see a ‘tall man’ in and out of her dreams and she is rapidly becoming better each day, as if her Schizotypy never existed.  However one symptom, that may not even be a symptom of her disorder at this point, is still lingering; her lack of feeling towards harming others.

Slenderblog ~ Anomalous Data

Jay, a man with a scientific and analytical mind, performs a series of extreme experiments to observe the effect the Slender Man has on people.

Slenderblog ~ White Elephants

A man called Robert (Sage) formulates a cryptic plan to defeat the Slender Man based around literary archetypes.  Does his scheme have a chance at success, or is it doomed to failure from the start?

Additional Notes: While almost the entirety of this blog has been erased, the posts (though not the comments) are accessible using Google Reader.  Doing so may be beneficial, as this blog began the concept of “Core Theory” and is important to understanding it.  Note that, while it was originally very well-received, later directions the story took were received less favorably.

Slenderblog ~ To My Eldest Son

Better explained by the first entry:

As to the inheritance of my eldest son, K, I leave my entire estate, including the mansion, grounds, and all other surrounding properties covered by the deed; as well as all posessions housed within. I also leave to him this stipulation; to create a record of his first year as master of the estate, as was dictated to me by my father, as his father decreed, etc. By fufilling this condition, K will assume full ownership of the inheritance previously described.’

Slenderblog ~ Observe and Terminate

The Paranormal Termination Consortium is a secret paramilitary contractor called in world wide to repel all that goes bump in the night.  The Slender Man is par for the course… or so they initially believe.  To deal with the threat, the PTC forms it’s anti-Slenderman unit…

Slenderblog ~ The Tutorial

M stays alive a lot longer than the others.  Because M knows the rules.  He discovered them.  M’s guide to staying alive while pursued by the non-face of evil.

Slenderblog ~ Throwing Voices

The Mad Ventriloquist likes to drink, talk in third person, and tell other people’s stories. Between a twenty year long feud with his brother’s killer and his failure as his partner’s protector, life becomes complicated. Now he struggles with the perpetual question: Which side of the fight does he belong on?

Slenderblog ~ Whispers in the Dark

The story of a Proxy will always begin at the ending. For Nightscream, once a High School Teacher, an existence in His awareness has always been a Game with very high risk… but one worth playing, if you know how to play it right. In the words of Nightscream itself, “it’s time we had some FUN with it – just don’t forget to SMILE!”