Strange Aeons ~ Video Note 3

Footage from my third watch-through of the third-party clips on my channel. I was tired and I mumbled through a note I was going to watch the next day. You guys were supposed to see the video where I confidently declare all there is to know about the clips, but what’s in this footage is more important than my own ego. I’m kind of scared.
Let me back up for a second. From Tuesday the 20th to Sunday the 25th, I was home for Thanksgiving break. I meant to put this video up before I went home, but I procrastinated so much that I had to do it at three in the morning the night I got home. And then… that happened.
Since then, I’ve acquired some information from other sources and may have found a new lead. Thankfully I’ve filmed it all. I’ll be posting everything I have in the coming days. We just might find something that can help.
Oh, and Anna conveniently went to stay with her parents’ for Thanksgiving, missing my entire stay at my parents’. I’ll get a hold of her eventually. I have to.

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