Strange Aeons ~ The Sketchbook

About the last video: I talked to Vito again after I uploaded the video and he explained how he got the phone. Apparently Chris thought that putting the phone in a safe place wasn’t enough, so he gave it to Vito for another degree of safe-keeping. But in his infinite wisdom he forgot to tell Vito to never give me the phone, or what was on it. Which explains why Vito gave it up so easily.
The sketchbook you see in this video is apparently the same one I filmed Nick drawing in a few months ago. It seems like he found it lying around the room almost as soon as he moved in. Most of the pages seem to parallel what he was going through before he left. But as for those three pages with the three glyphs, there’s obviously more to it than I can think of right now. I’ll keep you guys posted if I find anything new.
A link to the sketchbook:…
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