StanFrederickBTS ~ 38. Closure with an Old Friend

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been busy since the events of my “Weakness” video. I’ve been preparing, mentally, emotionally, all of that, for what I’ll be doing very soon.

This is Kevin’s journal, in full, with comments by myself in-between entries:…

I know where Connor plans on going next.

I found out about this though Mark, one of the people that Connor tried to kill. Mark said that when he left his house, he apparently left with info about TheAbbeyDiaries (another survivor that he already visited) and this remaining one, OsirisChronicles. If this guy is the last person that Connor plans to visit before coming to kill me, then he’ll be the last person I help by warning.

I don’t plan on making anymore videos after this because I don’t think I’ll live after I do what Idolon wants me to do. But in case I do, I’m taking my camera with me. If I live, the footage will be put online. If not then hopefully someone that finds it will one day see what happened. That’s all I ask for, at this point.

Goodbye. Thank you all for watching.

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