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OurGodEvil ~ Winter-Three


StanFrederickBTS ~ 38. Closure with an Old Friend

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been busy since the events of my “Weakness” video. I’ve been preparing, mentally, emotionally, all of that, for what I’ll be doing very soon.

This is Kevin’s journal, in full, with comments by myself in-between entries:…

I know where Connor plans on going next.

I found out about this though Mark, one of the people that Connor tried to kill. Mark said that when he left his house, he apparently left with info about TheAbbeyDiaries (another survivor that he already visited) and this remaining one, OsirisChronicles. If this guy is the last person that Connor plans to visit before coming to kill me, then he’ll be the last person I help by warning.

I don’t plan on making anymore videos after this because I don’t think I’ll live after I do what Idolon wants me to do. But in case I do, I’m taking my camera with me. If I live, the footage will be put online. If not then hopefully someone that finds it will one day see what happened. That’s all I ask for, at this point.

Goodbye. Thank you all for watching.

Octarine Night ~ a new line

im going to be doing these interviews from now on in. who knows, it might help. ill try to be more delicate and construct the interviews more carefully from now on. I really hope this can help us.…

their channel is

XMandelbrot ~ Stuff From George’s Island

Yes, we both saw what the computer camera picked up. We don’t think it was able to fully get inside, though. Like something was keeping it out.

Tulpa Effect ~ Meredith

Here’s part of my conversation with Meredith… I’m still not sure if posting in this is worthwhile, but I’m starting to believe it’s one of the few ways I still have control over my life.

Catathrenia ~ my long walk home

i don’t know

Patrick’s Room ~ 9

I honestly don’t know what to say about what happened, but I do not think that Old Man/Invisible Old Man is to pleased about the last episode I made.

Tulpa Effect ~ Roger’s Phone

This was as best we could get off Roger’s phone from October 26th. He has a video he posted to arkhamsdoorstep just before this.

Whispered Faith ~ Home Invasion

This incident occurred Thursday evening. I’m staying as far away from that house as I possibly can. No idea when or even if I’ll be going back.

Dark Harvest ~ Daniel Shipman’s Visit: First Day

So much has happened in the past few days, it’s going to take some time to compile all the footage together. This is the first video in a series of about three we will be releasing in the coming days. Once everything is out in the open, and you can come to your own conclusions about what is going on and what may happen, I’ll post a more in-depth view of how we’re doing now that this is over and what we plan on doing next.