Strange Aeons ~ Abeyance

There’s nothing I can do. I’ve gone off to college and I can’t do anything. Nick is still missing, if he’s even alive at this point.
Here’s what I know: the last two videos that were posted on my account featured this guy who has been going around putting rings of salt around doors. He tagged the front of my house with that symbol that was on that missing poster. I don’t know when or how many times he’s been at my house. I just know that I’m powerless right now.
I need to pull my life back together. I’m in an entirely new setting and I can’t have any of this getting in the way of me moving on.
If any of you still care and find out anything new, please tell me. Tweet me @strangaeons if you find anything. Thank you for caring this much for so long. I hope Nick will turn up soon.

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