Some Changes To Our Format

First off, apologies for the hiatus. Some adjustments to my personal life prevented me from making some much needed updates to the site, but that’s changing now.

Second, a slight format change to posts, going into effect immediately. Previously each post featured the embedded video and a link to the youtube channel. However, the channel link is something I’ve decided is redundant, since it’s easy enough to click through the video to the channel. Instead, the video description (if there is one) will accompany the videos in the posts.

Third, I’ve added a scheduling plug in to space updates out more and make it easier to add them. When there are new videos, there should be posts every 3 – 4 hours.

Fourth, coming in the next few days, I’ll be adding a new page/section for Slender Man games. The page should feature not only links to the various slender man game projects but I’ll try to add posts regarding updates / changelogs to those projects when I become aware of them.

Now then… let the updates begin.

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