Slender Man Featured on “Know Your Meme”

Yeah, surprised me to.  I thought they were too busy with Youtube poops and argument-invalidating bread hats to care about creepypasta, but Slender Man got featured.  The video is… OK.  While I’d like to see something besides Marble Hornets get at least mentioned, it’s a step.  The ending is sort of meh… if Slendy’s going on vacation, I always took him to be more of a cold climate type.

Let’s see, what else is new, as long as I’m posting.  Work on the forum is underway and several spambots have been eviscerated and fed to the Rake.  We’ve also got some of our contributors posting, including a very well done Zalgo article.

Oh, and barring something going horribly wrong, expect the premier of our Podcasts on April 3!

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