Some of you probably just facepalmed at the post title, but let’s move on from that shall we?


- TribeTwelve and Andersen Journal pages are activated.

- Made some organization changes to Lexicon.  Removed the “Influences” tab under Lexicon, on the basis that I really didn’t have much planned for it.  Might come back someday, but not for now.  Added a detailed page for “The Slender Man” under Lexicon, but it’s blank for now.  Added the “Chronicle” menu and sub-pages, with the symbology page moved under Chronicle.  New sub-pages include the “Other Forces” which will detail other tertiary creepypasta, a section for notable characters, and a “Case Studies” section which will feature plot summaries and articles on the mythos past.


I wonder how many of you will get this joke.

- Added the Social Links menu to the side-bar.  I played around for a few hours with different configurations, and this was the most compressed and unobtrusive solution.  Currently with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter integration.  If there are other social media you’d like to see in that box, let me know with a comment.  It would also give you the opportunity to be the first comment… on the entire site.  The Ultimate “First!”.  (Though if you only comment “First!” I’ll be displeased)

But in all seriousness, this site isn’t worthwhile unless it people are reading, so if you enjoy what I’m doing here, would you kindly please use them to get the word out?

- Added the staff menu to the side-bar, which should be the first indicator that very soon, I won’t be the only one working this site.  I’m also adding a Staff Blog category so that they too can make updates and share insights.

Happy St. Patrick’s day, and be safe.

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