Celebrating 2 Years of everymanHYBRID

TheComposer would like to congragulate the cast and crew of everymanHYBRID on 2 full years in the Slender Man Mythos, and for very much being one of our “founding fathers”.  For those about to… uh… scare the crap out of us, we salute you!

Celebrate the 2 Year Anniversary with an everymanHYBRID marathon!
Tonight, keep an eye on TheComposer twitter, around 8 PM we’ll be having a synchtube EMH Marathon.  Come hang out and, hey, maybe we’ll invent a drinking game to challenge TribeTwelve.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  It’s quite bare and ugly at this point, but our FORUM is finally set up.  Go ahead and register if you like, but it’ll be a week or two before there’s going to be any serious activity.

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