Vitae Redux ~ Seattle Mist

People always say that Seattle is rainy, but it’s really just incredible misty and kinda drizzly all the time. Clear skies here are an indication that it’ll be really cold the next day.

The Origin Files ~ 27- Heidi

viewer discretion is advised

ICANSEETHEGIANT ~ About the roadtrip video and other things

Antediluvian One ~ jack’s sketch

from September

Is Warren Dead? ~ Update

Ignore the obnoxious sound at the beginning, it’s just my relatives being loud.

BrokenBranches117 ~ SD Card Video #4

This clip was originally called “008.cvc”. We eliminated most of the video distortion, but we couldn’t save the audio. –Steven/Garrett

The location of the video looks suspiciously like the outside of our house. –Garrett

Pavel Hall ~ #10 PGH-417-376-794

The audio file

Slender Haunting ~ MAZE 001


everymanHYBRID ~ l’esprit de l’escalier

The Lost Entries ~ Untitled-01